Feed Grade Whole Egg Powder

1. Description

This product is pasteurized spray-dried whole egg powder of feed grade quality. It is produced using lower-grade eggs as the raw material, otherwise the product is the same as the food grade whole egg powder. It is produced using the manufacturing process that complies with requirements for food grade products.

2. Usage

This whole egg powder product can be used as an ingredient for manufacturing of all animal feed. However, due to cost consideration, the product is often used for the following feeds:

  • Prestarter feed for nursery pigs
  • Feed for breeder boars
  • Feed for aquaculture such as prawns
  • Food for pets and fur-producing animals

3. Benefits when used in animal nutrition

  • Highly nutritious food with high protein and energy contents for young animal
  • Improves immune status of young animals
  • Provides the lecithin and cholesterol critical for the growth of prawns
  • Improves semen quality of boars


4. Physical properties

Whole egg powder


Light yellow




Typical egg smell


No visible external impurities

5. Typical analysis

Whole egg powder

Moisture (g/100g)


Crude Fat (Chloroform extraction method, g/100g)


Free fatty acid (g/100g)


Crude protein (g/100g)


6. Safety parameters

Whole egg powder

Heavy metals

Lead (Pb) (mg/kg)


Zinc (Zn) (mg/kg)


Total arsenic (As) (mg/kg)


Total mercury (Hg) (mg/kg)



Total plate count (cfu/g)


Coliform count (MPN/g)


Pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella)

Not detected

7. Packaging

Packed in woven bags with an internal PE lining; Net weight: 20 kg per bag.

8. Storage and shelf life

Store in a cool, dark place. Shelf life in un-opened package is 12 months.
Seal the bag after each use.

9. Certification

The products are manufactured under a Quality System and Food Safety Management System which is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP (ISO22000) Certified.