Functional and physicochemical properties of whole egg powder: effect of spray drying conditions.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Food Sci Technol, Volume 48, Issue 2, p.141-9 (2011)



<p>Pasteurized liquid whole egg was subjected to spray drying to determine the effect of spray drying conditions on moisture content, water activity, peroxide value, emulsion stability, gel texture, foaming stability and colour change of the powder product. Drying process was carried out in a pilot scale spray dryer (Mobile Minor Niro-Atomizer, Denmark). The inlet (165-195 °C) and outlet air temperatures (60-80 °C) and the atomization pressure (196-392 kPa) were investigated as spray drying process variables. Perturbation and 3-D graphs revealed that outlet air temperature and atomization pressure had more effect than inlet air temperature, on the properties of whole egg powder. Optimum spray drying conditions of whole egg powder were determined according to the specific end-product requirements (bakery foods, omelette and mayonnaise and salad dressing) targeting to obtain the desired value of functional properties, i.e.; emulsion stability, gel texture, foaming stability and colour change.</p>