Endless Uses in Food Processing

Egg powders are perfect ingredients for the making of all sorts of foods: cakes,biscuits, meat-balls, pastries, noodles, mayonnaise, salad dressings, protein powders, etc. While maintaining the nutritional value, flavor, and most functional properties as in fresh eggs, egg powders are easy to use, stable and have a long shelf life. Spray dried whole egg, egg yolk and egg white has been widely preferred by manufacturers.

Users of egg powder products include food manufacturers, large scale catering, hotels, etc.

Food Industry

Industry Product Usage
Baking Breads, pastries, custards, cakes, cookies
Dairy Ice cream, frozen desserts
Confectionery Bars, Candy, fondants, fillings
Sauces Mayonnaise, salad dressings, dips, and prepared foods
Meat and fish products Patties, sausages, surimi
Meal Replacements Energy bars
Beverages Pourable yogurts, dietary drinks, and alcoholic beverages
Prepared Foods An ingredient in frozen and prepared entrées and side dishes
Nutraceuticals A protein supplement and a source for extraction of beneficial substances


Products Product Usage
Frostings Thickens frostings and fillings
Breads Standard breads and buns
Sweet Goods Egg custard fillings and tarts
Cakes Cakes of all sorts
Cookies & Specialty Items Meringues and other items where lighter texture is required
Muffins & Popovers Unique pastry effect obtainable only through use of eggs
Frozen Products Frozen dough and other items to control crystallization
Healthy Snack Bars Protein-rich meal replacement bar

Other Industries

Industry Product Usage
Cosmetics The white is a popular ingredient for facial masks. The yolk is used in shampoos and conditioners.
Science Both yolk and white are excellent culture media for laboratory growth of microorganisms.
Animal Feed & Pet Food Egg is used to feed laboratory animals when a protein reference is required. Yolks and whites are used in pet foods.